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Tea Time on 17

Everyday from 11:00 until 16:00.
Online reservation at least 48 hours prior.

The Tea Time
by Black Sheep

(c) Federica Fiorotto
Tea Time Fede 7.jpg

Black Sheep offers a French Tea Time. We love scones but we think nothing compares to fresh baguette and French viennoiserie.
Our Tea time is for 2 people or more and it includes a selection of festive savoury and sweet foods.


Per guest:
- 4 mini sandwiches (2 baguettes and 2 pains au lait)

- 2 mini cheese croissants
- mini almond croissant

- mini pain au chocolat

- mini brioche / butter croissant

- 2 mini éclairs

- 2 mini french pastries (opéra, tarte au citron, paris brest, tarte au chocolat according to availability)
- 1 mini tiramisù

- 2 mini cookies

- 1 cup of Mariage Frères tea (or your choice within the Tea Time drink selection of teas, coffees or hot chocolate)


This list is not final. Depending on material availability Black Sheep can change the food items without notice.

Please note that the tea time contains: dairy, egg, gluten, nuts and cannot be customised to food restrictions.
PRICE PER GUEST: $64 + tax

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