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  • Do you sell Gift cards?
    Yes we do. In store and online.
  • How many locations do you have?
    Two. One in Beltline (815 17 AVE SW) The other in the Calgary Farmers' Market West (25 Greenbriar DR NW)
  • Can I ask you on the phone to put some items aside if I come to the store later to pay for them?
    We do not set products aside that have not been paid. If you want to be sure to get your products when you stop by the store, order online.
  • Do you have Gluten free options?
    Our only gluten free option is our "Life changing brownie".
  • Do you have vegan option?
    We do not carry strictly vegan products (without any animal product including honey). If your diet is not strictly vegan, ask us!
  • Do you have eggless options?
    Yes. Our jam filled croissants and our Scottish shortbread are eggless.
  • Do you have sugar free / light options?
    Black Sheep is a pastry shop. We do not carry sugar free pastries or syrups. Almost all of our products contain butter and/or sugar.
  • Do you have sourdough bread?
    We do not carry sourdough bread but our baguettes are made wth a natural sourdough process over 3 days. We do not use ANY additive just a tiny bit of fresh yeast. Our baguettes are made EXCLUSIVELY with flour, water, salt and yeast. That's it.
  • Do you make birthday cakes?
    It depends what you're looking for. We do not make North American style layered cakes (others do that much better than we could). We DO make French/European style cakes. You can either order online a pastry to share. Or contact us for a special order of a classic French/European cake or pastry (Succès, Pavlova, Saint Honoré, Black forest, Sacher torte...)
  • Do you make coffee drinks?
    Yes we have at our Beltline location an exciting coffee programme.
  • How can I warm up my croissants?
    If you bought them fresh today, you don't need to warm them up. If you bought a mystery bag (selection of day-old croissants) or kept your croissants overnight you can warm them up in a regular oven or a toaster oven for 2-3 minutes. DO NOT USE A MICROWAVE OVEN: your would get soggy first and bone dry in a couple of minutes because of the accelerated evaporation.
  • How long can I keep my croissants.
    Technically you can keep them for a few days at room temperature. But... Do you really want to do that. Croissants are MUCH better the day you buy them.
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