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We do it our way

French people are passionate people. And one thing we're all passionate about is... food.

Black Sheep was built from ground up by a French pastry chef, Benjamin, and sold its first croissant on Jan 2, 2019 with a clear vision: make the best croissants in the city and a clear mission: bring authentic French baked good to Calgary and make Calgarians love croissants. 

Today, Black Sheep offers a dozen different amazing viennoiseries, breath taking desserts, award winning house made jams and more.


The Way It Should Be

Walking into Black Sheep means being immediately greeted by a delightful smell of freshly baked buttery treats that no one can resist (we can't). As a neighbourhood bakery that serves the local community, we are committed to using the best ingredients. Our pastries are made with butter only, no other fat. We use exclusively French chocolate. We don't use any additive. For instance, our croissants are made with unbleached flour, fresh milk, fresh butter, some sugar, a touch of yeast and salt and that's it. Nothing else. Just the way it should be. And it makes a huge difference for your taste buds and your health.

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