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Tea time terms & conditions

Making good food takes time. All of your food is finished and/or assembled on the day of your reservation but we start preping 48 hours before your reservation (mixing doughs, baking sheet cakes etc.), making sure everything is set up properly for your experience.

1 - Product availability

 The list of food items provided on our website is not final. Those items can be changed without notice in number and/or nature according to material availability.

3 - Cancellation

In the case of a cancellation by Black Sheep Fine Foods Inc after the reservation has been paid, the reservation will be fully refunded.In the case of a cancellation by the customer:

- A reservation cancelled at least 48 hours before the start time of the reservation, will be refunded in full, minus the credit card processing costs (usually between 2% and 4%)

- A reservation cancelled less than 48 hours before the start time of the reservation will not be refunded.

2 - Late arrrival

Tables are booked for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Customers must make sure to be on time for their reservation in order to fully enjoy it.

4 - Food allergies and special diets

Customers can mention any allergies in the order notes when paying for the booking.

The Black Sheep team will do its best to accommodate.

Black Sheep can accommodate customers with some limited allergies such as allergies to peanuts, sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.

Black Sheep CAN NOT accommodate allergies or restrictions to products that are main ingredients to its recipes such as dairy, gluten, egg or special diets excluding those ingredients (vegan for instance).

Clicking on the button hereunder will take you to the booking/ordering page.
To book an in-store Tea Time, choose "Dine in"

To book a Tea Time for pick up, choose "Pick up"

To book a Tea Time for delivery, choose "Delivery"

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