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Everyday on reservation from 11:00 until 17:30.

Tea time by
Black Sheep

Tea Time 1.jpg

Black Sheep offers a French Tea Time. We love scones but we think nothing compares with fresh baguette and French viennoiserie.
Our Holidays Tea time is for 2 people or more and it includes a selection of festive savoury and sweet foods:

Per guest
- 4 mini sandwiches (2 baguettes and 2 pains au lait)

- 2 mini cheese croissants
- mini almond croissant

- mini pain au chocolat

- mini brioche / butter croissant

- 2 mini éclairs

- 2 mini french pastries (opéra, tarte au citron, paris brest, tarte au chocolat according to availability)
- 1 mini tiramisù

- 2 mini cookies

- 1 cup of Mariage Frères Esprit de Noël (or your choice within the Tea Time drink selection of teas, coffees or hot chocolate)

Please note that the tea time contains: dairy, egg, gluten, nuts and cannot be customised to food restrictions.
PRICE PER GUEST: $59 + tax

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