Pick-up in store is available anytime when the store is open. Orders can be placed on the same day and up to 15 days ahead.

Deliveries are available Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 08:00 to 10:00. Orders can be placed until 22:00 the day prior. We do not offer same day delivery.


We only sell freshly baked products (the only exception is the Mystery bag). We do our best to foresee the future in our cristal ball in order to bake what our customers are going to need every day. The quantities and variety can change a lot from one day to another and it can happen our predictions are not that accurate (cristal balls can only do so much right?) and although we always try to bake more variety along the day, we eventually may run out a tad early on some products. In this case we will substitute for another product of the same value.


Accurate information
Provide ALL the accurate information needed for a fast and easy delivery: Full name of the recipient, full address including the access codes if needed. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR INFORMATION: unit number, building/house number, buzzer information, street information etc.

We love chatting with you, but do not ask for the driver to call upon arrival to get the information they need to complete the delivery.

Let them know
If the order is delivered to someone else, make sure they know about the delivery and they are home to receive it for the whole delivery window. Do not assume the person will be home.
Believe us: they will enjoy the products you sent them much more if they do not have to run an unexpected errand to the bakery downtown because they were not home to receive the order.

If you want the order to be left at your door, ask for it.
Although we love seeing your beautiful smile, you can request your order to be left at your door. By default, we do not leave orders at the front door unless specifically asked by the customer in the order notes.

No food left unattended
We understand stuff happens. In the case the delivery information is incorrect, the recipient does not answer the door and/or cannot be contacted, the driver will bring the order back to the store where it will be ready for pick up until close.

Make sure you can be contacted
Most modern residential building buzzers call the recipient's cell phone. Please make sure the recipient's phone is charged, can receive calls and is not on silent/do not disturb mode.

1-hour Delivery window
Deliveries are available in the 4 quadrants (up to approximately 15 km around the bakery) with 15-minute slots. It happens deliveries follow each other smoothly and logically and sometimes it happens they don't. We do our best to deliver at the time you selected but we allow a 1-hour delivery window because croissant baking is not an exact science and stuff happens for us as well :-) Please plan accordingly.

That's all...